The DominoOne Charge

I am not helpless.

I am not American or Russian or Chinese.

I am not black or white or brown.

I am not male or female or anything in between.

I am not Christian or Muslim or Jewish.

I am not liberal or conservative.

I am not rich, middle class or poor.

I am all of them.

I am your brother.

I am your sister.

I am your neighbor.

I am a child that dreams about the future.

And the single mother who works three jobs.

I am you.

I am the water that quenches your thirst.

I am the air that lets you breathe.

I am the land that grows your food.

I am what you see. What you hear. What you touch.

All that gives you life.

I have been hurting.

I have been sad.

I have been angry.

I have been heartbroken.

I am not helpless.

I have a gift.

I have a voice.

I have the will.

I have the courage.

I have the responsibility.

To cast a vote.

To solve a problem.

To make a difference.

To not sit still. And complain. Or wonder.

I am not helpless.

Change can start right here. Right now. With me.

And so I move.

I am Domino One.