All of us are committed to driving creative solutions for Protect Coral Reefs. We outreach to all organizations working in this space to support one another, we market to humanity for that one person who may have breakthrough ideas and we constantly innovate this platform to provide everyone with a voice such that creative solutions can find their way to the world.

Help us unite our global community for Protect Coral Reefs today. Your donations will go to resources focused on this issue.

We Can't Do This Without You.

DominoOne was created to help accelerate solutions to the world's most pressing issues.  Let's face it, the world needs OUR help. Our software, your ideas, your votes and your involvement.

It's easy for humanity to lose faith in each other and itself. It seems impossible for the average person to impact the world in a positive way that could change the course of humankind.  Seventy percent of every newscast around the world showcases a negative aspect of humanity. It's understandable how we can lose hope and trust in each other.

But there are those of us who are the force of positive change. We are the force of innovation.  We are the force that will drive humanity forward by providing it with a platform that allows every breathing citizen of the world with an outlet for their ideas and to exercise their right to vote.

The DominoOne platform has the ability to accelerate human rights, the protection of nature and the defense of peace between people. It can also remove the gap between politicians and the citizens they serve as well as drive new levels of innovation at every company big and small. Most importantly, it empowers the individual and the many in a guided, collaborative way. A voice can be heard. An idea can elevate all of us.

We know that every time a DominoOne instance is deployed for a good cause, that mission accelerates and individual spirits are lifted to a new level.

There's Something in it for You!

We want to thank you for support us and here's how!

  • For Amounts above $50: Digital D1 Inspiration Pack
  • For Amounts above $100: + Humanity Points
  • For Amounts above $250: ++ DominoOne Shirt
  • For Amounts above $500: +++ DominoOne Super Gear (Shirt, Hat, Tags)
  • For Amounts above $1,000: ++++ VIP invites to special events
  • All levels will receive special content including reports on progress, interviews with thoughts leaders and more.

How We'll Put It To Use

Your donations help us accelerate our mission across the board. Some of the ways we will deploy funds are:

  • More, faster platform development. We have amazing plans ahead!
  • Operations to support these instance owners working hard to accelerate their mission.
  • Funding to support groups needing help in deploying DominoOne

Support us Today. Humanity Thanks You.

We will do whatever we can to drive humanity forward with this platform which can bind us with the cohesion of faster, smarter, more positive outcomes.

But we can't do it alone. We need your support. Your donations help us deploy more instances, creating more good in the world at a much faster pace.

No amount is too small. Please consider supporting us with a donation today.

DominoOne is currently NOT a non-profit organization and therefore your contributions are not tax-deductible.