A Platform to Change the World

For thousands of years, the human race has been graced with the
responsibility to shepherd our planet in a way that honors and protects the
very diversity that gives us life.

Those days, sadly, are coming to an end.

Many are denied equality as a fellow human even though we breathe, eat,
think, and bleed the same.

We use religion to justify harming a fellow man when the very foundations for
those religions preach humility and peace. And so our children grow up with
hate in their hearts.

We have civil structures so inefficient that elected officials are rendered
helpless by the systems themselves. And so we lose faith.

There are those who cannot find food or water or shelter. They cannot survive.

We have businesses exploiting people. And nature. And truth. In order for
someone somewhere to buy a bigger house. A better car. Or a nicer boat.

Even Mother Nature finds herself at a breaking point because of our waste. And
indifference. She is dying.

We are dying.

And yet there are 7 billion of us. To create a spark. To deliver hope. Or to lift up
our fellow man. There are 7 billion of us who have ideas. Who have opinions.
Who can take action and improve the world around us.

We are the human race. And we have evolved beyond every other creature in
our planet’s history to arrive at this moment of responsibility. You cannot look
the other way. The world will not heal itself. It needs you.

This platform is for us. It is independent of borders, skin color, gender,
governments, or corporate greed. It is independent of hate, sadness,
hopelessness and bias. It is for you to create a better world – locally, nationally,
and globally. No action is too small; no opinion insignificant.

Indifference is our enemy. Hopelessness is our enemy. Hate is our enemy.

We are the human race. And we can choose peace and kindness and

Participate. You can change the course of humankind.

Become a DominoOne.